Our morning service today was led by Archbishop Khajag Barsamian and he talked to us about the art of prayer and why cultivating a relationship with God early on is so vital to our growth. We followed our usual class and sports/swim schedule. We painted wooden crosses in Arts & Crafts, further discussed the morning message in religion class, and we sang with Maestro Khoren in Armenian Heritage. After lunch, we all went to the sports field and had a great time playing volleyball, soccer, basketball, and Frisbee. It was a great day to spend at the pool, and after swimming, we enjoyed some cabin group time and then had a chicken kebob and pilaf dinner. For our evening activity, we played an awesome game of “CIT Hunt” and it ended with a huge camp-wide water war! After showering and drying off, we went back to the chapel for evening service. Lisa Mardigian delivered a special message about love’s consistent tendency to overwhelm all other emotions. We sat in a calm, prayerful silence as we thought about all the ways love has conquered negativity and how we can always resort to it in times of need. After the evening service, the junior campers went to bed and the teens enjoyed some free time at the Main Lodge before lights out at 11:00.

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