Today, all of Hye Camp came together for breakfast at 8:00 to enjoy a hearty meal of bagels with eggs and cheese, hashbrowns, cheese and choreg (compliments of the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church’s Women’s Guild), and fruit. After our morning service, the teen campers went to sports to compete for their Olympic teams in basketball. They cooled down with some splashing in the pool while the junior campers went to religion, arts & crafts, Armenian heritage, and Armenian language. In religion, we discussed spirituality and answering God’s calling. In arts & crafts, we made God’s eyes out of popsicle sticks and yarn, and we learned the Michigan Hop in Armenian heritage. After lunch, the teens went to their classes and the juniors participated in the Olympics basketball tournament. During cabin group time, everyone worked on their talent show cabin skits/dances to be showcased tomorrow night! For our evening activity, we played a camp-wide, real-life version of Clue. In our cabin groups, we ran around the entire campus to question “suspects” and solve the mystery of Alina’s missing Pikachu backpack. The winners were the 12 year old boys and the 15 year old girls! Tonight, we also enjoyed a very special treat of watching the Teen Jeopardy Semifinals tournament. Selena Groh, one of our campers-turned-CITs, had the wonderful opportunity of being able to participate in this national event. We watched her episode after the game of Clue and got to cheer her on. We’re all so proud of Selena’s accomplishments and everyone enjoyed rooting for her and answering a few of the Jeopardy questions themselves! To conclude the night, the teens remained in the chapel for evening service and hung out at the main lodge for about an hour while the junior campers headed to their cabins to pray with the clergy and prepare for bed. We’re all ready and excited for tomorrow to be another fun and educational day at camp!

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