We are so close to the end of camp, but we are no where near close to the end of having fun! All campers had bootcamp with Vahe today, and they loved it despite its intensity. Classes were great, and the kids loved making mosaics in arts and crafts. After lunch, Hayr Simeon had a chat with the whole camp family about his role as the Diocesan Vicar, and the campers had an opportunity to ask him any questions about his vocation. Our CIT Hunt went off without a hitch this evening, and everybody loved the infamous shaving cream fight at the end. Tonight, our oldest teens led the evening activity, and they created four stations of gameshows for the campers to compete in, including Pyramid, Family Feud, Jeopardy and The Price Is Right. The campers loved it, and the teens rose to the challenge of leading the camp community on their own. Later tonight, the CITs will have their well-deserved night-in, and they’ll get a chance to relax as they make ice cream sundaes and watch a movie.

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