On Wednesday, Hye Camp really started heating up. The weather was perfect for all outdoor activities, even for arts and crafts. Today, the campers made prayer boxes outside at the picnic tables to soak in the beautiful weather. Maestro Khoren continued his singing. Religion classes were a big hit while learning more about the Hayr Mer. In heritage class, everyone danced the Chi-Town slide and Michigan Hop. During sports, the teens had a few games of basketball and volleyball, while the juniors spent their time playing freeze tag and having a water balloon fight. Everyone was very well-fed at dinner, since the Knights and Daughters of Vartan provided us with a delicious traditional Armenian meal of shish kebab, pilaf, salad and pita. In the evening, the teens had a special meeting with local leaders of the ACYOA to learn more about their organization and their responsibilities and service in their local parishes. Afterward, each age group gathered around the campfire for s’mores and singing before heading off to bed. [b2evogallery¬§4¬§140¬§/home/armenian/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/hyecamp/2009/Wednesday/]