Today was another beautiful day at Hye Camp with plenty of opportunities to enjoy some fun in the sun. It was so nice outside that the campers spent their arts and crafts period outside decorating prayer journals. During sports, even Fr. Aren took a swing at the ball to see how far he could hit it. Campers lined up after him to try and see if they could beat him. After dinner, the campers and CITs were divided into 8 Olympic teams. Olympic activities are lots of fun at Hye Camp, because it gives campers of all ages and genders the opportunity to work together. Tonight the teams thought of creative team names and performed chants and dances to show their team spirit. Before heading off to bed, Fr. Aren announced a special project that each cabin needed to work on when they got back to their cabins. Each cabin was asked to write a prayer as a group, which will be compiled into a special prayer journal in the morning and presented to Archbishop Khajag when he joins us. It’s going to be a great day tomorrow![b2evogallery¬§4¬§140¬§/home/armenian/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/hyecamp/2009/Tuesday/]