This morning, Srpazan wrapped up his visit to Hye Camp. After leading our morning prayer service, he met with our senior staff members to wish them well and offer his blessing for all their hard work this week. We all wished Srpazan safe travels as we prepared for another day of classes, athletics, friendship and a couple of Hye Camp favorite nighttime activities. After dinner, we had our eagerly anticipated, hard fought camp-wide battle of Capture-The-Flag. The red team proved victorious, scoring valuable points for the overall Hye Camp Olympics competition. After the competition, it was time to grab a pillow and cozy up for movie night. With some homemade popcorn to tide us over, we all laughed the night away until it was finally time for bed. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep as we look forward to the Hye Camp Dance Friday night.[b2evogallery¤4¤140¤/home/armenian/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/hyecamp/2009/Thursday/]