None of us here can believe that this camp season is almost at a close! We had such a great day, and everyone made the most of their time together. The campers played soccer during sports and soaked up as much time in the pool they could before it began to rain. Bedig took his students outside today and learned nature words in Armenian, and campers in arts and crafts were able to relax and make some gimp and string. Der Shnork and Deacon Justin led a great religion class, and the CIT dance teachers perfected their choreography with the teens so that they could show off their awesome dance at the Talent Show. Along with the teen dance, we had many great singers and instrument players. Michael Guglielmo, the Diocesan Executive Director, visited us today and was able to watch the acts with us. Tonight, the staff will have their highly anticipated night-in, and they’ll get to kick back to watch a movie.

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