Opening Day was a great success at Hye Camp! After registration, the campers and their families gathered for a brief prayer service and welcome followed by an outdoor barbecue. After dinner, the CITs and counselors rounded up their campers and headed to their cabins for games and activities to help everyone get to know each other. Later that evening, the whole camp gathered for a brief orientation before enjoying some delicious watermelon. Before heading off to bed, the camp gathered in the chapel for evening service. Campers prepared for bed, with lights out at 10:00 for the juniors and 11:00 for the teens. Each cabin’s godparent (parent volunteer) came to lead the group in prayers and tuck everyone into bed.[b2evogallery¤4¤140¤/home/armenian/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/hyecamp/2009/Sunday/]