After a good night’s sleep, alarm clocks began going off at 7:30 AM to be sure everyone was at breakfast by 8:00 AM. We had a full breakfast with lots of choices like eggs, bacon, hash browns, cereal, oatmeal, toast, and fresh fruit. After breakfast, everyone headed to their cabins to clean-up and prepare for the day. This week, the juniors will have classes in the morning while the teens are at sports and swim, and in the afternoon the teens will go to classes while the juniors are at sports and swim. There are four, 30 minute classes each day which include Religion, Armenian, Heritage and Arts and Crafts. Fr. Yeprem Kelegian and Fr. Tavit Boyajian shared in teaching the religion classes today which focused on prayer. Dn. Artak Khachikyan will be teaching the Armenian Language classes all week which will focus on the language of the Badarak. Jill Soghomonian and Sue Mardoian will be team teaching the Arts and Crafts Classes. The Heritage class today focused on Armenian dancing, which was team taught by several of our experienced CITs and Staff. After a full day of classes, the campers had fun on the sports field before heading off to the pool for their swim test. In the afternoon, campers enjoyed some free time before dinner. Immediately after dinner, the camp was divided into groups by age for the evening program. Part of the evening was spent singing with Maestro Khoren, Diocesan Coordinator of Music Ministry, while the other part of the evening was spent running around campus as a cabin group to complete a scavenger hunt. It was a fun-filled day at Hye Camp, and we can’t wait until tomorrow![b2evogallery¬§4¬§140¬§/home/armenian/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/hyecamp/2009/Monday/]