Friday at Hye Camp was a very rainy day. However, nothing was going to dampen the spirits of our campers because everyone was looking forward to the Hye Camp dance in the evening. We had to say goodbye to Maestro Khoren but our staff took advantage of the situation and taught campers some new Armenian dance steps for them to use in the evening. The rains fell through most of the afternoon, keeping all activities indoors. Finally dinner rolled around and, soon after, John Paklaian and his band rolled in and started to setup. As the campers were cleaning up, the sounds of an oud and clarinet tuning up beckoned from the main lodge. A great night of fun and dancing finally had to come to and end, but everyone had a lot to look forward to. Saturday was going to be Hye Camp Olympics day and the Hye Camp Talent Show would be Saturday evening. All of us at Hye Camp extend our most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the John Paklaian band for their music that they bring to our campers every year.
Check back soon for videos of the dance!!![b2evogallery¤4¤140¤/home/armenian/public_html/blogs/media/blogs/hyecamp/2009/Friday/]