After such an exciting week, today we had a chance to break from our usual class schedule and spend a lot of time all together. Everyone was happy for an extra thirty minutes of sleep before chapel and our first closing program. We recapped all of the fun we’ve had this week and sang some favorite camp songs like The Ants Go Marching Meg by Meg before saying goodbye to departing campers. Then we began the first part of our Olympic competition by dividing into red and blue teams and getting ready for an Olympic Relay around the entire camp. Hula hooping, locating a Bible passage, three legged race, distance soccer kick, swimming laps, crab walking, spooning water into a water bottle, free throws, and tennis serves are just a few of the almost thirty different parts of the relay. After all of that running around and cheering, campers enjoyed some time to relax at the pool and canteen. We loved eating watermelon and birthday cake for dessert after a delicious outdoor barbeque dinner, and then everyone played sports around the pavilion. At night, juniors and teens learned about improv comedy and played a variety of games that got everyone laughing. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow starting with Badarak in the morning and the second part of Olympics!

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