We had a busy but exciting Monday as we kicked off our second week of classes and resumed our daily schedule! The juniors and teens switched their morning and afternoon routines, and the teens attended classes in the morning and had sports/swim in the afternoon. We had beautiful weather for the morning, so in Arts and Crafts, everyone took a walk around campus to sketch their favorite views. In Armenian, everyone learned some favorite childrens’ songs to review the alphabet and basic vocabulary. Heritage took place in the rec hall again, where a new dance, the Yarkhushta was introduced. The juniors and teens both enjoyed today’s sport, kickball! Towards the afternoon, we had a bit of rain but it let up around dinner. For our evening activity, we played a giant version of the game Clue. Campers met different members of the staff around campus to solve a mystery. They had a lot of fun trying to gather all of the clues! The oldest teens have been working with our Evening Program Director, Steven Gebhardt, for the past couple of days to create their own original evening activity, so we look forward to that later this week.

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