Today was full of surprises! Though we expected rain in the morning, the sky was blue and the sun was out almost all day! At breakfast, it was announced that today would be Wacky Wednesday! Everyone was encouraged to come to lunch wearing the wackiest outfit possible. Campers, counselors, and even clergy were very creative in putting together their unique looks. The traditional Wednesday “Boot Camp” gave campers a chance to learn about strength and conditioning while cheering each other on under the pavilion. They started off with a warm up jog, and then went through a circuit of static and dynamic stretching exercises, agility and speed drills, and finally relays. Many teens attended afternoon classes while still in their wacky outfits. In Armenian language, campers continued work on vocabulary as part of a multi-lesson history of Armenia’s conversion to Christianity taught in Armenian. Today’s Arts and Crafts project involved making a tile out of clay and decorating it with the words Der Voghormya/Lord Have Mercy. During group time, everyone spread out around campus to rehearse the dances they will perform at tomorrow evening’s much anticipated Air Band evening program. After such a busy day, we brought blankets and towels out to the pavilion for a movie night under the stars. We are expecting a few evenings with chilly weather, so the last surprise of another awesome day was a campfire for teens to enjoy after Vespers.

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