Looking around campus today, we could see someone dancing at all times! All day, campers and staff made final preparations for their costumes, props, and choreography for the spectacular Air Band show we had tonight. Campers had been asked to prepare a list of songs that would be mixed together to accompany a dance number according to a certain theme. Some themes were: Armenian, Eighties, Nineties, 2000’s, Contemporary, Sports, Video Games, and Christmas. The Armenian dance steps that campers learned in Heritage class like the kochari and haleh certainly served as an inspiration as well. We even saw toes tapping at the pool and a shoorch bar line dance going around the dodgeball court during sports! In Armenian class, the history of the creation of the Armenian alphabet was introduced and campers discussed the importance of the alphabet and the translation of the Bible into Armenian. Everyone could hardly wait for Air Band to begin, and had a blast cheering each other on and clapping along to the music. There will be more dancing to come as we look forward to tomorrow evening and our first Friday night dance!

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