Another great day here at camp! We had perfect pool weather, with temperatures in the high seventies and sunny skies all day. Being out on the soccer field for sports was a treat because our Athletics Director, Greg Dorian, introduced a new sport (his own personal creation!) “Capture the Flag Dodgeball.” The game is set up like dodgeball but campers try to run across to the other team’s side and retrieve a flag while avoiding getting out by being hit by a ball. Juniors and teens both had a blast with it! Today in Heritage class, campers learned two more dances, the Pampouri and Tamzara. In Religion class, Der Kapriel led a discussion on the Golden Rule and the importance of treating others how we would like to be treated. After a tasty Chinese themed dinner, everyone got ready and headed to the Rec Hall for the dance. It was great to see campers dancing the Armenian line dances they learned in class all together! At both the junior and teen campfires, we snacked on s’mores and shared stories, songs, and jokes until it was time for bed.

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