Oh, what a day we’ve had! We started our day with an inspiring message from V. Rev. Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan of Holy Virgin Mary and Shoghagat Armenian Church in Belleville, IL. In the morning, the campers discussed the Kiss of Peace and the urgency for harmony in Religion class. They also continued painting their treasure boxes in Arts & Crafts and developed more conversational sentences in Armenian Language. Olympics kept every camper engaged today as we did more rounds of olympic competition during sports. To beat the heat, we enjoyed extended swim time today and canonballed our hearts out! With the help of gracious volunteers and donors, we were able to savor a delicious kebab dinner while we met with Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. During our evening activity we played a hilarious combination of Dutch Auction and Shark Tank, where our cabins had to sell some of their most random possessions in the most convincing of ways. One cabin had some of our camp leaders convinced that a magic carpet would be the best mode of transportation on campus! We closed our night with an encouraging message from Khajag Srpazan before heading to our cabins for a good night’s sleep.

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