We kicked off another day here at Hye Camp with plenty of energy for the day ahead of us! In morning classes, we discussed the significance of our Church’s sacraments in Religion, practiced conversational Armenian in Language, and compiled treasure boxes in Arts & Crafts. We continued our Olympic challenges with a huge relay race between the teams. Passing baton after baton to their teammates, campers sunk basketballs, hit volleyballs, tossed frisbees, and uncovered riddles in an effort to finish first. After exerting all their energy into Olympics, the campers enjoyed some cool downtime at the pool. During our evening activity, we played several outdoor games, including Blind Volleyball, Chocolate River, and Heads Up Seven Up. The campers had a blast trying to avoid the “lava” of hot chocolate by hopping back and forth between “marshmallows”!

To see what we did today, click here: hyecamp2016.shutterfly.com