We started off the week with high spirits! Hye Camp began its regular weekly schedule, which included three classes in the morning. Campers discussed the meaning and value of prayer with Fr. Hratch in Religion, let their creativity flow with Maria Panthier in Arts & Crafts, and learned how to play chess and tavloo with CIT Sevan Tamazian in Culture & Heritage. After a breezy outdoor lunch, campers were off to the sports field to play kickball. They refreshed themselves with snacks and downtime at the canteen before heading to the pool. Following dinner, campers investigated clues¬†across campus as they searched for their CITs in the¬†CIT Hunt. Once all the CITs were found, the whole camp broke out into a celebratory dance party in the chapel. We are headed to bed with dreams of all the fun we’ll have tomorrow!

To see what we did today, click here: hyecamp2016.shutterfly.com