It seems that with each day, the camp session goes by faster and faster!  During morning service, Der Krikor offered an enlightening sermon about approaching God in childlike trust.  In the morning, the teens attended classes, during which they made treasure boxes out of popsicle sticks and enjoyed some lively, uplifting singing with Maestro.  The juniors started their day with their second bootcamp of the session, which included both independent and collaborative exercises.  In the afternoon, teens delved into bootcamp while the juniors had classes. After waiting eagerly all day, the campers searched for and chased down their CITs in the annual CIT hunt.  The activity culminated in a full-fledged shaving cream fight involving the entire camp.  At the end of a long day of being on their feet, campers, CITs, and staff felt rewarded with a delicious outdoor barbecue.  Later, the 15 year-olds led an evening program of Scattergories.  The competition was fun and friendly, and we are so proud of our oldest teens for organizing such an interactive game.  To wrap-up the day, the CITs got the chance to relax while enjoying pizza and apps by the campfire.

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