Session C

C1 Tuesday

We have been on the move all day and had a very active Tuesday here at camp! The high of seventy five and slight breeze put everyone in the mood to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh air together. In his morning message, Der Kapriel Mouradian encouraged us to have

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C1 Monday

We had a wonderful day today! Our daily schedule was in full swing. After chapel, flagpole, and breakfast, the teens began with a game of line basketball under the pavilion followed by their first dip in the pool. While head lifeguard Ani Hollisian was explaining pool rules and procedures during

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C1 Sunday

Session C is underway! Staff, CITs, and early arrival campers were greeted by a misty sky and light rain as they prepared for this morning’s Badarak, which was celebrated by our Camp Director, Der Vasken Kouzouian. The rain outside was a perfect reminder that today was the Feast of the

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