Wow, this week is going by fast here at Hye Camp! It’s been non-stop activity and it continued today. Our Arts and Crafts classes finished creating “fake” stained glass windows by painting their sketched designs. Their finished pieces will beautify their rooms when they go home! The religion classes talked about the power of prayer and why it’s important to set aside time to pray. And Maestro Khoren continued teaching his classes Armenian singing during Armenian Culture/Heritage time.

Our campers once again enjoyed two evening activities tonight after dinner. Cabin groups went on the hunt to find out which Hye Camp counselor kidnapped “Plank Sarkissian” during this year’s Clue game. Afterward, our campers were treated to a movie night featuring the film Zootopia. The movie was not only entertaining but also taught our youth lessons on believing in yourself and not being afraid when life’s hardships arise.

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