Thursday was tie-dye day at Hye Camp! Our campers look forward to making their tie-dye shirts and this year was no exception. Despite the rain that passed through camp during the afternoon, our campers were still able to express their artistic abilities and create wonderful looking shirts.

Our juniors finished up their singing lessons with Maestro Khoren in Armenian heritage/culture class while our teen campers learned from Dn. Albert and Dn. Narek’s wife Nune on how to better their tavloo game-playing skills. Meanwhle in religion class, Fr. Tavit guided campers through the sacrament of baptism in the Armenian Church, which included a mock ceremony. During the lesson, campers asked questions about baptism. Some campers weren’t sure their parents had baptized them, to which Fr. Tavit responded that they should ask their parents.

After dinner, our cabins gathered in the chapel for the annual talent show! Lots of hard work and planning went into each act as the campers sang songs, danced, and acted out in live and taped skits. Camp Director Fr. Aren laughed out loud at the comic skits and the campers thunderously applauded all their friends for the wonderful performances.

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