This morning, Der Vasken reflected on the special evening service we had on Tuesday night. During that “alone” time with God, one phrase kept coming to him as he was sitting at the front of the chapel: “Be still.” Others said they felt a peace or calmness, and one of the youngest campers said she felt that she was telling God her own personal prayers. Der Vasken encouraged us to find that quiet time with God when we return home and trust that those quiet moments will give us strength. In Heritage classes today, our staff members Sandra and Ani told campers about their travels to Armenia this summer with the ACYOA’s Armenia Service Program (ASP). The ASP trip had 22 volunteers from all over the United States this year. They volunteered at a children’s camp, visited orphanages and churches, saw the Yerevan Opera House, Garni Temple, Lake Sevan, Khor Virab, and Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Sandra encouraged St. Vartan campers to learn Armenian so that they could make this same trip in the future and be able to communicate easily with the people of Armenia. The volunteers also described the delicious fresh Armenian food of lavash, manti and rojig that they enjoyed. It was great to see their travelogue and to hear about how they back to our Motherland. In Religion class, Der Stepanos showed a video and discussed the topic of forgiveness and how we could never do anything that would make God love us any less then He always has. In Arts & Crafts, campers continued making beautiful tie-dye creations. The evening entertainment was a game of Family Feud, organized by our 15-year-old campers. It was a fun and entertaining night!

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