Today was the first full day of Hye Camp for our campers! The morning started out with Fr. Aren celebrating the Badarak in the presence of our campers, counselors, and CITs and delivering the day’s sermon based on The Parable of the Lost Sheep found in the Gospel of Matthew (18:10-14). It was so great to see many of our campers serve on the altar and sing in the choir!

After brunch, we enjoyed a day in the sun by participating in a variety of sports activities and getting into the pool for our swim tests. Afterward, our campers couldn’t wait to get in line at the Canteen to buy and enjoy a mid-afternoon snack. We all bonded with our cabin mates in the early evening and then made new friends as the teams were announced and preparations began after dinner for this week’s camp Olympics.

As night fell, we enjoyed time beside a great campfire and in the game room. And what campfire wouldn’t be complete without making a nighttime snack of smores! It was a fun time that’s sure to continue tomorrow here at Hye Camp!

You can view and download today’s photos from our Eastern Diocese SmugMug account here: