Today was an exciting day for Hye Camp 2017! Campers and their families finally arrived on campus and were greeted graciously by their staff and CITs. Everyone was eager to move into their cabins and reunite with their friends. After registration, campers got to bond and do icebreakers to get to know everyone.

Following icebreakers was a welcome ceremony for all the parents to get to know about our camp program and what their children will be doing throughout the week. An outdoor BBQ was served and campers got to say farewell to their families for the week.

In the evening, our staff presented skits to show campers what their day is going to look like and what rules they should follow. Lots of laughs were shared and it was a wonderful time. As always, we served the campers a night time snack and Fr. Aren lead us in night time vespers. Everyone went to sleep joyfully, looking forward to Badarak on Sunday morning.

You can view and download today’s photos from our Eastern Diocese SmugMug account here: