On this beautiful Sunday we were awakened over the loud speaker to the hymns of the Armenian Church’s morning service. It was a beautiful way to wake up and prepare ourselves for the Divine Liturgy. All campers, CITs, and staff participated in Soorp Badarak and joined together to sing praises to God, with some even serving on the altar. The campers and staff also held a special requiem service, or hokehankist, for all of their family members who have fallen asleep in the Lord.

After a full Sunday brunch, it was relay time for the Red and Blue teams. The events in our second day of competition included: potato sack race, recitation of the Hayr Mer as fast as possible, a wet clothes run, eating donuts on a string, and mud mummy run, which required that the relay athlete be wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy from head to toe by his/her teammate and then jump into an inflatable kiddie pool all while keeping hold of a relay baton. Congratulations to the Red Team who won the relay competition!

After dinner we were all back on the field to play Capture the Flag! It was a cool and sunlit Sunday night, which made the competition even sweeter as all the campers ran back and forth across the field using every tactic possible to win this tie-breaking event for their team. Our day ended with prayer in chapel before getting a full night’s rest for the next week ahead of us.

You can view and download today’s photos from our Eastern Diocese SmugMug account here: https://easterndiocese.smugmug.com/Youth/St-Vartan-Camp-Session-C-2017