It was a great day of fun and fellowship here at St Vartan Camp! Today’s message in chapel was given by Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian, pastor of St. Peter Armenian Church in Watervliet, NY. To illustrate the gospel reading from Matthew 5:14, Der Stepanos used a light bulb and a kitchen bowl to show how God is asking us to witness his love at camp to one another by being Christ’s light through our goodness and service instead of hiding our light.

In Arts & Crafts today, campers got creative with colorful tie dye. They had a chance to tie dye t-shirts, socks, and even shorts as colorful as their personalities! Each camper created a unique and fun masterpiece. In Armenian language class, the students discussed St. Vartan Mamigonian and how he fought for our Christian faith and fatherland during the battle of Avarayr. In Religion, we spoke about prayer and its role in our faith development. Der Stepanos also related how it is important to be thankful for all our meals and thus, to stay in the practice as we do at St Vartan Camp of praying together before breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

The evening camp wide activity was a game of live Clue! The camper teams had to solve the mystery of, “What happened to Sevan?” And also, “Who did it?,” “Where?”, “With What Object”, and “What Kind of Mood Were They In?” It was a great mystery that was solved by much running and questioning all around campus. Ultimately, the Junior Girls put the puzzle pieces together the fastest!

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